Case Management and Community Concern Reporting & Response

Case Management and Community Concern Reporting & Response are integrated services to foster a safe environment by coordinating prevention, intervention, and support efforts across campus.

Through student and community outreach, the Case Management team works to foster a safe and supportive environment for students by:

  • Navigating students through complicated medical, psychological, personal, or financial issues
  • Supporting students’ help-seeking and problem-solving skills during complicated personal or academic challenges
  • Connecting students to critical campus resources and facilitate referrals to community resources
  • Identifying students of concern or in distress
  • Educating and training campus partners to identify, support, and report students of concern
Reporting a Community Concern

A Community Concern Report is not for an emergency. For any concern requiring immediate attention, contact RUPD 732-932-7211 or 911.

A Community Concern Report may be submitted 24/7 and can be submitted anonymously; however, having contact information allows for the Case Management team to seek clarification. 

In response to a Community Concern Report, any safety concerns will be identified first. This may involve the Rutgers University Police Department for further evaluation, and, if necessary, transport to a local hospital. Otherwise, a member of the Office of Residence Life or the Dean of Students - Student Support will meet with the student and provide advisement and referrals to campus resources, as needed.

The Community Concern Report may be found here.


Following a hospitalization, the Case Management teams helps to ensure a smooth transition back to classes and the campus community with the necessary resources and support services in place.  

A student can expect to hear from a member of the Case Management team 24-72 hours after being discharged from care.  At this time, student may be asked about their length of treatment and to provide documentation of treatment recommendations provided by the hospital. The information will be utilize to provide academic assistance for students and to create a holistic student support plan to help students return back to the Rutgers community safely.