Student Support & Referral

Throughout the college years, undergraduate and graduate students can experience unexpected challenges – financial, social, personal, medical, or emotional /psychological – and these challenges can impact academic performance, time to graduation, finances and post-graduate plans. We help students navigate unexpected challenges and find the strategies, resources, and solutions to achieve their goals.

You are encouraged to connect with the office that most directly supports your specific need or concern (e.g. School Advising Office for major, scheduling or graduation questions, Basic Needs for food or housing insecurity, the Learning Center for Time Management, the One Stop Student Services Center for financial aid or billing questions, or CAPS for a counseling appointment or Let’s Talk session with Community Based Counselor, etc.). Resources that support student success can be found on the central website

However, if the situation is personal or is complicated and involves multiple, interconnected issues (e.g. financial, academic, and health) or if you don’t know where to go, we can help by:

  • providing faculty members with verification of a medical or personal matter, which resulted in an absence or missed academic requirement
  • connecting you to emergency assistance for counseling, access to food or support for housing
  • maintaining confidential documents on file

Our office respects your privacy and does not share identifying information with other departments. However, if a student presents as a risk to themselves, others, or displays other concerning behavior a dean may notify another department as part of an intervention strategy.

Additionally, members of our staff are required under Title IX to report instances of sexual assault or domestic violence. For more information about mandatory reporting see guidelines:

There are multiple ways to connect with a member of our staff. See Requesting Assistance to determine if a brief (10-15 minutes) Virtual Drop-In Appointment is best or if more time is needed with a Scheduled Appointment.