What Happens When I Notify Rutgers about a Student Concern?

When someone sends in a Concerns Report, it is routed to the Dean of Students Case Management or the Residence Life Student Support Team (Depending on where the student resides). Someone on the team will review the information and take action on the report, usually within 1 business day. Sometimes that means following up with the reporter to gather additional information.  The team member will usually then reach out to the student to schedule a time to discuss what is going on and to offer resources and assistance. If the student concerns are such that they might indicate more serious issues, the incident is discussed at the Team Level.

The Triage, Care, and Threat Assessment Teams provide a coordinated process for identifying and responding to students who pose a risk of harm, are causing significant disruption on campus, or be reasonably perceived to pose a significant danger to the safety and well-being of others.

Teams Goals

  • Utilize a multidisciplinary team to review, identify and develop specific intervention/prevention strategies.
  • Review information, discerning patterns, and following up as appropriate.
  • Provide education and training to faculty, staff and students on how to identify and address concerning behaviors that may need further assessment or response.

Team Review Processes

Cases begin with a review at the Triage and Care level.  Once they receive information about a student of concern, the response process will likely include the following:

  • Identify and review information regarding the student of concern.
  • Collect available information.
  • Refer the student to appropriate resources for support.
  • Develop specific intervention/prevention strategies.
  • Facilitate meetings with Rutgers faculty and/or staff regarding the situation, as needed.

If the student being reviewed is deemed to pose a possible threat of harm or significant disruption, the case is referred to the Threat Assessment Team.  Their response process includes the following:

  • Review information collected by the Triage and Care Team.
  • Determine whether or not the student poses a threat of harm or significant danger.
  • Determine whether a plan can be put in place to mitigate the risk of harm or disruption.
  • Meet with the student to see if they will agree to the mitigation plan
  • If there is no mitigation plan, invoke the Safety Intervention Policy

Offices Represented on Teams

Triage and Care

  • Dean of Students Office – Case Management
  • Dean of Students Office Care and Support
  • Residence Life- Case Management
  • Residence Life Student Support
  • CAPS
  • Academic Affairs

Threat Assessment and Safety Committee (TASC)

  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Chair
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Student Health
  • CAPS
  • Residence Life
  • Academic Affairs
  • Office of Student Conduct
  • Rutgers University Police Department
  • Office of General Council (consultation and deliberative)